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How did Gina start selling musical instruments?


I sometimes get the question, "How did you end up selling instruments"?
When I was a 4th grader ready to start band, my budget-minded parents took me to the local music shop and bought me the cheapest flute in the store. It was very old, ugly and leaking air.  Sheer determination helped me slog through the detriments of the beast, and I found I enjoyed playing!  Next came countless hours of babysitting and saving money for my first new flute.  It wasn't anything fancy by today's standards, but I earned it and used it all through high school and college.
Do I still play?  Yes, I do. I have moved on to a professional flute. I play in a trio group with a cello and violin, sometimes alone too, and have found practicing as an adult to be a real joy and not "I-have-to-get-the-time-in" work at all.
So maybe that is the draw to all these beautiful instruments I sell. I want my customers to have the best experience with music that they can afford - thus quality instruments of all kinds - not just flutes!

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